Ship of a new story


To become
best for the world  
instead of
best in the world. 

Ship of a New Story. This is where we together create the story of the future. We explore the shift from the best in the world to the best for the world. What challenges and opportunities do we see? We create ideas, visions and concrete solutions together. And it is happening now!


Steering towards the future.
A new story

What do we mean by the new story?
The new paradigm – this is our view of the matter.

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All on board!
More room for people and voices

More people get some space and more voices are heard. Would you also like to set course for the future? 

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All men on deck!

Our arenas provide space for many thoughts and conversations. What do you want to talk about? 
Apply for a place!

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Are you curious about the Ship of a New Story? We are sure curious about you!

Delivered by EMPROGAGE 

EMPROGAGE consists of a group of consultants who share the desire to make the world a bit better. Our three words empathy, pro-activity and engagement do not only form the basis of our business philosophy, but also form our name EMPROGAGE.

We believe in the power of the individual to make a better world through their conscious decisions. And together we work for what is best for the world.

EMPROGAGE is our context and our meeting place. We are creating the future together.